October 30, 2015

Miniature Spotlight: Mawgan of Carn Maen, Ax-Drune

I finished painting Mawgan from Mierce Miniatures a short while ago:

A simplistic but satisfying paint job. I'm happy how the skin turned out and with the look of the leather cloak. I painted him with traditional brush techniques and used tree bark for the rock.

October 23, 2015

Miniature Spotlight: Inavaak, Tarvax Warrior

I'm a big fan of minotaurs, I really like the Klingon vibe they got going on and this fearless warrior berserk style is beautifully captured in every single minotaur from Mierce Miniatures.  I also love how much thought the sculptor Benoît Cosseput put into the details of every minotaur. Every miniature is very different in pose and general appearance, which is something I hadn't seen before in a minotaur unit. One of my favorites in this unit is Inavaak, I just love the fierce look, the fact that he doesn't swing an axe but an really cool mace-thing and that he shows really gruesome battle wounds. The broken horn, the bloody wound leading to the bloody bandage...awesome details that really bring this guy to life:

I really like how the bloods effects did come together on this one. I also like how the skin tones and  the look of the armor on the backside, but I'm all in all not very happy with the look of the armor in general. I tried something new to get a kind of dirty and used look on the armor and while it's partially working, I don't thing I'm really happy with it. Well, theres always something, right? Maybe I will repaint the armor someday, but I already spend so many hours on this guy so that will have to wait for quite a while. And all in all I'm very happy with the result of the paint-job. Inavaak is definitely ready to do some damage on the gaming table. :)

October 20, 2015

Battle Report: The Temple of Fate - The Final Death of the Undead Lord

The day had come to face the Banelord Valak Thul in direct battle. After the Templars fought their way through his undead forces they finally met him on the small river island where the necromancer changed into the form of a giant undead Terrorgheist:

In the end it made no difference though. The templars emerged once again victorios and made their way back towards the Black Church for the final confrontation with the Banelord Nergal, the Corrupter, the Lord of Disease and Pestilence, General of the Army of Decay.
They didn't know it yet, but there they would finally get to know what happened to the missing High Inquisitor Reigen and try to stop the summoning of the Son of Ba'al, Krull the Destroyer of Worlds.
Their spirits were lifted when they marched towards the Black Church. Little did they know that everything they did so far was part of the plan the Anointed One spoke of and that their arrival at the Black church would untimely lead to the summoning of Krull and the greatest battle of their lives...

October 17, 2015

Miniature Spotlight: Mälmord, Fell Troll from Mierce Miniatures

This is Mälmord, Fell Troll from Mierce Miniatures. I really like the dynamic pose, it looks so awesome! Like many miniatures from Mierce, this one was fun to paint. I painted him with both airbrush and traditional brush techniques and used tree bark for the rocks. I added a few skulls from Secret Weapon Miniatures on the base as well as the "early fall" two colored tufts from Mininatur.

October 15, 2015

Battle Report: The Temple of Fate - The Attack on Krähenhort

Back in Krähenhort the Templars rested in the Crows Feathers Inn when the small town came under attack by an horde under the command of the female ogre shaman Gal'Brach:


The Templars defeated the attackers and took some of them as prisoners. Through interrogation they learned that Banelord Sorek was killed in battle by Banelord Nergal and most of Soreks surviving troops were fleeing the region. One group under command of Gal'Bach, a Lieutenant in Soreks army, decided to go though Krähenhort to restock their supplies and pillage the town. This proved to be a fatal mistake and after deciding that the templars learned all that they could from their prisoners they left them to the jurisdiction of the local town leader, who ordered the prisoners hanged which was done immediately.