April 12, 2014

On the Worktable: Micro Art Studio District 5 Apartments

I had a hard time deciding which paint theme I wanted to use on my Micro Art Studio District 5 Apartments:

In the end I think the version on the right looks best. But I'm still a bit worried that a complete table may look to dark because of all the low-keyed colors I want to use o represent a dark Cyberpunk/Blade Runner style. Time will tell...

This is my result so far:

Still very much a WIP. But I like where this is going.

March 23, 2014

Miniature Spotlight: My Dark Eldar Army

I will be selling a few miniatures on eBay during the next few weeks. The auction of my Dark Eldar Army ends today:

eBay auction link: My Dark Eldar Army on Ebay

March 8, 2014

The Happy Spender: Town and City Buildings from Ziterdes

I bought a lot of buildings from Ziterdes:

Watchtower "Dragonstone"
Farm Mill
Wizard's Home
Boulder Stone Cottage
Half-Timbered House
All the buildings are made from Structure Hardfoam. I already own the Cemetery Chapel from Ziterdes which is also made from that material. I used the Chapel as a centerpiece in my "The Black Church" Game Session:

The buildings can't be compared to the beautiful resin buildings from Tabletop World but they surely are nice enough to deserve a place on any gaming table. I really hope to find the time to throw some paint at them in the near future.

March 2, 2014

On the Worktable: Rebasing Reaper Bones

Wait...what? It's already March?!? How the hell did that happen??? Dammit....
It has been a while since my last update. My job is still killing almost all my hobby time and there is still so much to post and so little time to do it. But enough whining, let's post some updates. I know most of you want to see the new Battle Reports but I'm still working on the post-processing of the images so let's start with a little update about a few WIPs on my workable.

I'm rebasing a few of he Reaper Bones from the first Kickstarter and this is the result:

I made the base for the skeletal giant from plasticard and used what was laying around in my bits box to create the graveyard style of the base. The bigger rocks on the other bases are made from tree bark like the ones I used for the Skin Wolves.

And last but not least a small preview image from the next Battle Report:

December 27, 2013

On the Worktable: The City Grounds from Miniature Scenery

Hello again, I hope everyone had a nice X-mas! :)

The job at the office almost killed all my hobby time during the past few months. I was able to work on a few hobby-related things and have a few Battle Reports to post. One of the things I assembled in the last weeks was one of the two City Grounds from Miniature Scenery I own:

The assembly was a bit time consuming but I'm happy with it so far. Maybe I will even find the time to throw some paint at it in the next few days. :)