March 13, 2016

On the Worktable: Krull, Malacant and Scecchus from Mierce Miniatures

Almost three years have past since I bought one of the most awesome demon miniatures on the market: Krull, the Servile Lord of Dis from Mierce Miniatures. During that time I also bought Malacant, the Servile Champion of Dis and Scecchus, the Servile Fiend of Dis.
It took me a while to assemble the miniatures because the pieces didn't fit together very well and I needed a lot of Green Stuff to make it work. Krull was laying halfway put together right next to the so extremely awful beholder for over 2 years before I started to finish the assembly on March 1st. And despite the fact that the assembly of all three demons was definitely no fun at all I'm really looking forward to painting these bad boys. :)

January 17, 2016

Miniature Spotlight: Rise of the Runelords Character Miniatures

Happy New Year everyone! :) I finished the character miniatures for my Rise of the Runelords campaign:

I'm currently working on the Droogami miniature. The game starts next Saturday and I'm very happy because I'm even a little ahead of schedule with my miniature painting plan. :)

December 12, 2015

On the Worktable: Rise of the Runelords Character Miniatures Part II

A little update on the character miniatures for my new Rise of the Runelords campaign:

They are primed and ready for some paint. I used the black&white preshading technique to prime the miniatures.

December 11, 2015

On the Worktable: Rise of the Runelords Character Miniatures Part I

I'm currently working on a ton of miniatures for my new Pathfinder campaign, Rise of the Runelords. I'm so excited to start this awesome series of adventures in January! :D

My players have chosen their characters:
Daeron Riltharas, Half-Elf Magus (Seltyiel Iconic Eldritch Knight, Reaper Miniatures)
Shenso, Half-Elf Monk/Sorcerer (Hiroki, Tales of War Miniatures)
Marcus Lucius Aurelius, Human Cleric of Sarenrae (Almaran the Gold, Reaper Miniatures)
Hazal el Morabet, Human Rogue (Almah, Merchant Princess, Reaper Miniatures)
Bergrim Borkenbart, Dwarf Ranger (Brock Battlebow, Reaper Miniatures)
Tali Jowyn and Knorx, Gnome Druid and animal companion (Lini and Droogami, Reaper Miniatures)

As shown above the miniatures are based on 25mm bases, cleaned, and ready to be primed. I also have to paint roughly 15 miniatures for the antagonists of the first part of the adventure. I will show these on a later date because my players are reading this blog and I don't want to give too much away at this time. ;)

December 8, 2015

Snapshot of the Day: Editing Images from the Battle of the Thorn River Camp

I'm in the process of editing images from a couple of game sessions from '14 and '15. Here's one shot from September 2015 from my new Kingmaker Campaign. It shows the battle of the Thorn River Camp: