July 15, 2018

July 8, 2018

Miniature Spotlight: Scecchus, Servile Fiend of Dis from Mierce Miniatures

Another awesome looking demon from Mierce Miniatures is ready to wreak havoc on the gaming table: Scecchus, Servile Fiend of Dis

July 2, 2018

Miniature Spotlight: Stonehorn from Games Workshop

I painted the Stonehorn from the Stonehorn Beastriders box from Games Workshop last May when I had a few days of from work. I kind of rushed the paint job because I wanted to finish this miniature before my holiday was over. In hindsight I think I should spent have spent few more hours on the highlights and details for a better result. But all in all, given the few hours I spent on him, I think he looks quite alright:

June 28, 2018

Miniature Spotlight: Bloodreavers from Games Workshop I

I'm working on my Demon Army and I have a lot of awesome looking Bloodreavers from the Thunder & Blood Box Set as well as from the Khorne Bloodreavers Set from Games Workshop on my worktable. The first of the bunch is done and ready for the gaming table:

June 1, 2018

Miniature Spotlight: Krull, the Servile Lord of Dis from Mierce Miniatures

It was a long way...

...but Krull, the Servile Lord of Dis is finally done. I've got this really, really awesome miniature from the very first Mierce Miniatures Kickstarter back in 2013. I don't really remember when I received it, maybe sometime in 2014, I just remember that it took me almost 2 years to assemble it because the pieces didn't fit together very well and I needed a ton of Green Stuff to make it work. He was fully assembled in March 2016 but it took me another two years of training my painting skills before I was ready to put some paint on this bad boy. Now he is done and I'm extremely happy with the result. I love how he skin tones work together and that the paint theme in general works well. I really like the look of the horns and I'm very happy with the wings. I could spend additional time on the armor, which looks quite well but not as good as possible. But I've spend so many hours on this project that I've decided that it's finished. At least for now. Maybe in another two years I spend another 20 to 40 hours on him. A miniature is never really finished, isn't it? ;)

But for now I'm enjoying the feeling of a completed paint job that was a big part of my painting life.