January 12, 2011

The Dark Prophet Chronicles

The Dark Prophet Campaign setting takes place on the world of Terra. For endless generations the humans ruled in great city empires, praying to long dead gods they mistakenly thought would still protect them.
Image © Games Workshop.
When the Dark Prophet Lord Desmodar, Chosen of the mighty Demon God Ba’al, came to power he raised an army mighty enough to lay waist to all civilizations and conquer all of Terra.
While all hope seemed lost a single human rose up to defend humanity against the forces of darkness:

Sigmar, the Holy One. 

Bestowed with great mystical power and armed with the legendary warhammer Thormaryll he led a rebellion against Desmodar. Crowning himself Emperor of all Mankind, he is the symbol of hope and is worshiped all out the Empire as a living god.
He now rules over the last bastion of humanity, the Empire of Man. It is the 9th Year of the New Time. And still, in the grim darkness of the first age of the Empire there is only WAR.

The story continues in Background Story Part II: The City Guard


Anonymous said...

Hey GEIL!! Find ich super. Habe sogar einen Ideenvorschlag für die Seite. Wie wäre es mit einer Sektion wo die Charaktere der Kampagne beschrieben werden?


CK aka Kronos said...

Sehr geile Idee, machen wir auf jeden Fall! :)