March 28, 2011

Battle report: The Mausoleum (Part III)

After exploring the natural caverns that are connected to the mausoleum the Templars found a path to a well armed area, where arcane books about dark necromantic rituals were stored. A small pack of Skaven as well as some undead and trained monstrous creatures guarded the place.


Marco said...

Great fight. I actually love the skaven for their hextech things and stuff :)

btw. Where are the XPs?

CK aka Kronos said...

Thanks, Marco. :)

Xps are always posted before the next game session, but exact dates vary. Patience, young grasshopper. ;)

Marco said...

Ok, i'm looking forward to it. LevelUp isn't far away :)

You didn't took pictures of the undead drider?

CK aka Kronos said...

I took pictures of him but there was to much going on in his corner, I didn't like it. But I will use him again in the near future, so there will be more opportunities for a good picture. :)