May 29, 2011

Battle Report: The Temple of Ba’al

After exploring the Mausoleum the Templars met a cloaked figure who called himself Horark the Black. He was later identified as the leader of the 7 Skaven Tribes. He gave them a message for their God-Emperor Sigmar, which whom he seeks a secret alliance against the forces of the Red Prince. The Templars gave their word to deliver the message, even though there was a lot of discussion afterwards if the God-Emperor should be disturbed by the message of a walking rat(king).
Horark also gave them the location of one of the four Seals of Death: It was under the protection of a high ranking undead called Lord Karsakas. His stronghold was in the lower levels of a ruined keep which was converted into a temple of the Red Prince, the mighty demon god Ba’al.
The templars decided to charge into the stronghold after resting the night. A mighty battle concurred, bringing the group closely to the grasp of death.

The Temple of Ba'al... filled with many enemies.

Undead Trolls...

...charge the Templars.

The throne room of Lord Karsakas

His third in command, the demon Matraxa, awaits the intruders.

A statue of the Red Prince, the mighty demon god Ba'al.

The Undead and demons...

...come from every corner.

Lady Matraxa

A Soldier of the Immortal Guard...

...stands her ground.

Undead soldiers charging

Baragas von Tiefenberg...

...slays an undead dire wolf...

...while the rest of the pack flanks him.

The treasure room

Ghouls everywhere

Lukrezia von der Rhein battling a Summoner

The summoner sends out a Netherhound

"Must this little one also be sacrificed, master? Can't I eat him?"

While he is searching the torture chamber Georg von Zornbrunn sees evil spirits rise

The Imp Gurmendrox battles the Templars and flees the scene

In the end the Templars were victorious but their victory was bitter sweet, since Lord Karsakas (and the Seal of Death) was nowhere to be found. The search for him and the other seals of death continues.

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