July 24, 2011

HUZAA!!!!: Knights of Badassdom

Fresh from the film’s Comic-Con panel, the first official trailer for Wrong Turn 2 director Joe Lynch’s sophomore effort, The Knights of Badassdom.

(Watch here in HD)

Starring Game of Thrones‘ Peter Dinklage, True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten, Firefly‘s Summer Glau, Treme‘s Steve Zahn, It’s Always Sunny‘s Jimmi Simpson, and Community‘s Danny Pudi, the horror film follows a group of live-action roleplayers who “accidentally summon a demon from the underworld.”
(source:  TheDailyWhat)

Wait, WHAT?

This looks incredible bad. So bad it must be AWESOME!


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Lukrezia said...

OMG.... that looks totally trashy... could be funny though. And it has Peter Dinklage in it (who obviously parodies his own role in GOT). Love that guy! HUZAAA!