October 5, 2011

On the Worktable: Demons and Ogres

I've met with one of my gamer girlz recently, a long time D&D player who just discovered the joy of painting herself and who loathes the assembly and cleaning of the miniatures just as much as I do. So to split the suffering we decided to get together and assemble some miniatures. I worked on my Demon Project while she worked on her new miniatures. Funny thing, she actually is a somewhat typical gamer girl who likes fairies and elves and such. So the logical army choice for her: High Elves Ogres. Because Ogres are awesome (and have the tiny little sweet Gnoblars, of course). She got a sweet army deal in one of our Games Workshop stores and is very eager to get some paint done. But that will take a while, because there is the oh so dreaded assembly and cleaning first.

So...you're going to be big scary Ogres some day, aren't you?
We actually managed to get one Ogre standing:
Bragg the Gutsman
and three of my new demons:
Daemon Champion  U'zhul the Skulltaker  Chaos Sorcerer Lord

So far so good. We will meet again sometime this month to assemble & clean more miniatures. I will post our progress as we go along. :)

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