November 24, 2011

On the Worktable: Hirst Arts Sci-Fi Arena WIP 1

"... a place where you needn't follow rules because none exist; the pits of the underworld."

                                                                                - Batiatus (Spartacus 1x04 - The Thing in the Pit)

I recently watched the first season of Spartacus again and decide to bring an gladiator element in my Cyberpunk setting of the DPC like the pit from the fourth episode. I envision it to be a very dark and gritty arena with blood stained walls, razor wire fences and many many more cool things.

I decided to go with Hirst Arts to build this and today I made a general overview of the floor setup:

Elements from 4 different molds were used for this setup:

I will divide the floor in 4 parts for a better modularity of the setup:

Tomorrow I will base the tiles on 4 pieces of Styrofoam (10 mm / 0,39 inches). I also made the first of a set of columns for this setup:

Side A

Side B
The columns will be made in a way that they will connect with each other if desired and form a wall/new level etc. The cloum shown above has two different sides and is based on a 1 mm (0.4 inch)  MDF plate.


Paul O'G said...

I just found this randomly while enjoying your blog (which is very nice BTW)
Did you ever progress your pit gladiator concept?

I was planning to build something similar awhile back for the (now defunct but still fun) BRUTAL rules.
I still have the itch back there somewhere...


Kronos said...

Thank you very much, Paul! ^^
Yes, the Sci-Fi Arena has made some progress but it's still far from being finished. But I plan to work on it in the coming months. I paused painting it because I wanted to to try painting it with an airbrush for some of the effects I wanted to be present in this project and also wanted to learn more about painting blood effects and how to use pigments for certain effects etc., but back in 2011 I had no idea how to achieve any of that. Now I know a lot more about these things and I'm ready to visit this project again. I'm actually really looking forward to it. :)

Thank you for your interest, and please let me know what you think of it when I post my updates.
Follow the itch and also build your own arena! :D
Projects like this are sometimes long time investments in time and effort but I personally really enjoy the whole process. It's always worth it. :)

Paul O'G said...

Yes, I must get myself some of those Hurst Arts holds. The problem is, overtime I got to buy some I end up wanting so many that my order becomes unaffordable :-)

This is what I wanted to build an area for - I think it would be very cool!

I recall that somebody made a 3D area with removable floor tiles to insert pits, blade traps and the like. Very neat

I'll look forward to seeing some updates from you in due course