December 15, 2011

Miniature Spotlight: Jokers WIP

The first batch of Jokers arrived a few days ago. The bases are still very much a WIP but I will wait for the rest of the Clowns before I finish them. I got myself half a dozen Vallejo Pigments to experience with so there will be more  work done on these minis in the near future. The main paint job so far was done by Duc with some additional work by me and more to come hopefully around January.

I actually wonder how the guys from Taban Miniatures discussed the design of these minis. I envision a creative meeting like
“Let’s have one guy wield a Morningstar and a flame thrower at the same time!”
“Cool, and let’s have one throw a Molotov cocktail!“
“And we should have a broad with a huge afro and only stars covering her topless body!”
"Perfect! And let’s have a guy dressed in nothing but a tutu in a charching pose and maybe a walking stick in his hand.”
“Great! And let’s have…wait…what?”
(5 Seconds of deep silence)
“So about that guy in the tutu…let’s give him scars, a mask, clown stockings and some panties and were good to go!”
"Awesome! And let’s have…" 

And so it continues….

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