February 14, 2012

Miniature Spotlight: A Demon Beast, a Ghoul King and a Vargheist

Things are slowly getting back to normal. My new monitor will arrive Wednesday and I have organized an old one as an interim solution. :)
My players are waiting eagerly to get to know the amount of XPs their characters earned during our latest game session. I'm in the process of editing the pictures from the battle and will post the XPs after I've uploaded the images which should be done in a few days. In the meantime here are a few images of my latest paint jobs:

Ahnamoth, the Withering Storm, the great Demon Beast
I love this mini! It's all kinds of awesome. I actually had him for years in a very, very unfinished state and finally took the time to (almost) finish him for my latest game session. I´m not completely done with him yet. I want to add some blood here and there and try some weathering effects on the stones. But all in all I'm happy with how he looks. 

Ghoul King WIP

Ghoul King in action
This is an image from our latest game session where I used the fully painted Ghoul King miniature as a ghoul-vampire hybrid creature.

Vargheists WIP
I love the wild and dynamic pose of all three Vargheists! These are really awesome miniatures. I really like almost everything GW throws at me when it comes to the new Vampire Counts models. The Vargheists are based (as is the Ghoul King) on Bone Field Bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Vargheist in action
This picture is also from our latest game session. The whole setup should go online this weekend. :)

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