July 28, 2012

On the Worktable: The Empire of Mankind

Hi folks! :)
Sorry for my short absence. I got a very bad cold at the beginning of the month and because of work-related business I was not able to shake it of but instead put my body to a bit of stress which made the cold stay for almost all of July. That forced me to reschedule my plans to have my entire empire army assembled, cleaned and painted until the end of this month. I got them assembled and cleaned but I was not able to get a single drop of paint on them. Hopefully that change in the coming weeks. :)

Here are a few images of what did get done in July:

A lot of painting waiting to happen here

Stuff that goes BOOM

I magnetized the Volley Canon as well as the Rocket Battery to make them interchangeable

This is a very easy thing to do on this model

The coal thingy with the pincers (that is the absolutely correct technical term for that) is also magnetized and can be removed. I just forgot to take it of when I photographed it.

The State Troops

Handgunners / Crossbowmen

This very awesome miniature will represent Sigmar, the Emperor of Mankind in the Dark Prophet Chronicles

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