September 25, 2012

On the Worktable: Dark Vengeance - The Crimson Slaughter

I may be busy right now with way too many projects at the same time but I could not resist to at least assemble the Chaos Lord, the Chosen and the Helbrute from the Dark Vengeance box. I love the new design of the Chaos miniatures - it's absolutely awesome! :)

A few gun barrels still need to be drilled open and not everything is completely glued in place at this moment like the backpacks or the sword of the Chaos Lord (to make the painting easier). And the bases are still removable since I'm not sure if I want to make my own bases for these guys or simply buy some cool ones like the new Chaos Waste bases from Micro Art Studio.

I said it before and I'm saying it again: Good work Games Workshop. Good work.

Now I'm really eager to see what comes next. Since they set the bar so high I assume it will look absolutely aweso....

What the F*CK!?!

Well....that looks...interesting. Let's get another opinion. Ser Gregor Clegane, what do you think?

Yeah. Indeed.


Marco said...

The new design of the Raptors/Dark Talons models just look awesome too. Great work Games Workshop.

Kronos said...

Yes, the Raptors/Dark Talons are awesome too. I'm really looking forward to see what else GW has in mind for the new Chaos line.