April 15, 2013

Miniature Spotlight: A Band of Orkz

You might remember these guys from this post where I said I wanted to build a custom base for the drummer. While I was building some stuff for the medieval city (one of these things can be seen here) I also took the time to finally build that custom base. And once I started to build it I decided to go for a whole stage consisting of three different bases which could also be used separately from each other:

I liked the idea for an elevated level not only for the drummer but also for the singer in the stage setup. When used like this the bigger circle is for the drummer and the smaller one for the singer. And the smallest circle is for the drummer when I don't need the whole stage:

The whole stage setup might get a little more details when I use it in a game session (although that make take a while since I want to use them as props in the Sci-Fi campaign which we don't have time to play right now) but for now I'm happy with the current look.

And for some reason I always hear this music in my mind when I look at these minis, especially now where they stand on their own stage. ;)

Edit: It seems a member of the band, Gronk, is missing in the pictures. He hid behind a group of humans in one of my miniature cabinet. Sneaky Gronk, maybe he was planning to sneak attack them. ;)

Gronk - Awesome and sneaky.


Nathan Watt said...

Very nice. Don't think they can merge with your Campaign though.

Kronos said...

Thank you, Nathan! And no, I don't think so too. ;)
Maybe I Will use them someday in a Sci-Fi campaign but for now I just find them really funny. :)