May 11, 2013

Battle Report: The Temple of Fate - The third Soul Gem

While the armies of the Empire were fighting endless battles against the forces of the Banelords the Templars ventured again into the deeps of the mountains discover the lair of the third Soul gem. Once again they had to face horrors from the crypt as well as two of the mightiest demons hey ever encountered on the battlefield.

With cunning tactics and maneuvers the Templars defeated the enemies and found the third Soul Gem. With only one Soul Gem left to find they would soon be able to face the Banelord Valak Thul in direct battle.

But beeing so close to this goal and achieving it were two different things.
For the moment the vile Necromancer was still protected by the last Soul Gem and could not be killed without being resurrected through the corrupted powers of the gem. And he was aware that three of his precious gems were lost. He would soon change his tactics and dispatch legions of undead horrors their way. Maybe he would lead them himself. The Templars had achieved victory after victory, but time was running out.


Luckyjoe said...

Another great battle report. Beautiful layout, excellent minis, and great pics. After reading this one I had to read the 1st two. Excellent job.

CK aka Kronos said...

Thank you! I'm happy you like the battle reports. :)

Unknown said...

This was a good next step for the Templars. Nice addition of the Balrog in this one too. Great monster to have to fight.

Marco said...

Great battle, great dungeon :) Love this pics and im looking forward to next week. For Sigmar!!

CK aka Kronos said...

Thank you Nathan and Marco! :)