September 19, 2013

On the Worktable: The Merchants House from Tabletop World and a short ramble about the Eye Tyrant from Gale Force Nine

Hi folks! I haven't posted an entry about what is going on on my worktable in a while so here's a quick snapshot to fill the void:

I'm working on the OOP Merchants House from Tabletop World and I'm halfway through editing the pictures from last months game session. I also got myself a new Beholder:

He could look really nice once he is done but the assembly is one of the worst I ever had to suffer through. Actually I'm still suffering through it because he still isn't completely assembled. But he will rest on a shelf for a while so my urge to throw him out of the window while laughing maniacally calms down. There's not a single part of this miniature that fits its counterpart without huge gaps, some don't even fit at's a nightmare. But I also hated the assembly of the Terrorgheist from GW and I am very happy with him in the end. I'm convincing myself this will also happen here. Or this Eye Tyrant learns to fly the hard way.


Maglok said...

You should consider the proper term for throwing things out of a window, "defenestration".

"I am going to defenestrate this beholder so hard!"


Kronos said...

lol! :)