March 2, 2014

On the Worktable: Rebasing Reaper Bones

Wait...what? It's already March?!? How the hell did that happen??? Dammit....
It has been a while since my last update. My job is still killing almost all my hobby time and there is still so much to post and so little time to do it. But enough whining, let's post some updates. I know most of you want to see the new Battle Reports but I'm still working on the post-processing of the images so let's start with a little update about a few WIPs on my workable.

I'm rebasing a few of he Reaper Bones from the first Kickstarter and this is the result:

I made the base for the skeletal giant from plasticard and used what was laying around in my bits box to create the graveyard style of the base. The bigger rocks on the other bases are made from tree bark like the ones I used for the Skin Wolves.

And last but not least a small preview image from the next Battle Report:

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