November 4, 2016

Miniature Spotlight: Infinity - ALEPH - Achilles V2 in Hoplite Armor with Multi Rifle and CCW

I love the look of this miniature. This is the Achilles Version 2 in Hoplite Armor with Multi Rifle and CCW. I used the Special Editions head for this pose because I preferred a warcry-like Achilles way more then the calm looking head of the regular V2.  The design of this miniature (as with many Infinity models) is so great. It looks just spectacular on the gaming table.

And I'm beyond thrilled that the paint job worked out well too. I'm still extremely surprised when that happens even though I worked very hard the last couple of years to improve my painting skills. I still have a lot to learn but I'm finally at a point where I'm happy with the level of skill I have achieved.

I painted Achilles in roughly 20 hours (this includes assembly, cleaning, priming etc) over a time period of three days. I used an airbrush and a traditional brush.
The armor colors are Black (Model Air 057), German Camo Beige WWII (Model Color 821), Deck Tan (Model Color 986), German Grey (Model Air 052), Barley Grey (Model Air 051), White (Game Air 701).
For the sword I used Imperial Blue (Game Air 720), Ultramarine Blue (Game Air 722), Magic Blue (Game Air 721) and Electric Blue (Game Air 723) and as final Highlight a 1:1 mix of Electric Blue (Game Air 723) and White (Game Air 701). I think I used to many blues which probably wasn't necessary to get the final looks, I will experience with lesser blues the next time. I don't remember which color I used for the hilt but it was either Plague Brown (Game Color 036) or Scrofulous Brown (Game Color 038). Shadow layer was 1:1 with Black (Game Color 051) and Highlight was 1:1 mix with White (Game Color 001).
The Skin was done with Heayy Skintone (Game Extra Opaque 140), and Pale Flesh (Gane Color 72003),  Hair was done with Desert Yellow (Warpaints) and Pale Yellow (Game Color 097).

The Techniques I used include black lining (with Liquitex Carbon Black Ink) and Edge Highlighting (Ivory 918 Model Color). I used cork for the street/gravel/city parts of the base, Rough Grey Pumice Texture from Vallejo for the earth/dirt parts and the "early fall" two colored tufts from Mininatur for a bit of vegetation. 

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