March 19, 2011

Background Story Part IV: A group of heroes

The group that was sent after the Death Knight consists of the player characters. Through fate, destiny and very bad luck 5 very different people were honor bound to find the death knight and bring him to justice. On their many different adventures while hunting Lord Thyres they came into knowledge of King Azurmelnochs plan to become a god and rule the world, sailed with undead pirates and conquered false gods while learning a lot about themselves and the believes they thought to be true.
They even met a few fallen Immortals who were still praised as gods even though they had lost most of their powers except their immortality. Their perception of gods and their churches changed drastically as a result of the discussions with the immortals and it is now certain that at least some churches have no real connection to the long lost or dead gods they claim to represent on Terra.
Roughly 700 hours of gaming have past and the group is still on the hunt for the Deathknight. Bringing him back to Rabenwall has become secondary (at least), instead preventing him from finding the last piece of the Dragon’s Gold has become the main goal.

At the moment, the group is in Arkassas, trying to reach the Temple of Apophis to find the Crown of Immortality before Lord Thyres and his group can get their finger on it.

The group consists of

Valerius, a Summoner from Rabenwall, who at first was send out by his Master Seldarin the Red to bring back a criminal and now to protect all mankind from the evil that comes from wielding the Dragon’s Gold.

Synth, a half blood Cleric of Aris-Atheme, the Twin Goddess of Life and Death. Ambandoned as a baby and raised by the Chuch, she is the center of faith for the group. But even her convictions were tested when she discovered that gods are like mere man, just (sometimes) more powerful and immortal. Her father was a demon worshipping Eldar and she bears elfish features and the dark skin of the fallen ones.

Sadea, a rouge-ish Warrior of the Thearen Clan, a master thief guild from Kersh who brought the demon cursed gem to Rabenwall. Although she didn’t know anything about the demon inside the gem, her doing brought allot of pain and sorrow to the city. As atonement she has pledged her life to find Thyres.

Tai’rag, an Orc Fighter who has sworn to avenge his uncle’s death, who had fallen through the blade of Thyres. After years on the hunt, he has now come into knowledge that Thyres only killed his uncle out of mercy, because he was already in his dying moment, slain by a spectre and doomed to raise as an undead if his last breath was not cut short by Thyres blade and so preventing eternal damnation as an undead. Now, unsure what honor dictates in such a moment, he concentrates himself on preventing the world from being overrun by an over ambitioned king.

Taledorn, an Eldar Assassin who was send out to kill the halfblood Synth but has become unsure if the doctrine of his race to kill all halve-bloods who bear the dark skin is really just and has decided to evaluate Synth personally and then decide whether to kill her or not. He is still undecided, but protecting the world from a mad king and preventing Thyres from finding the last piece of the Dragon’s Gold has proven to be distracting.

Background Story Part I: The Twilight Age

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