March 19, 2011

Background Story Part III: A dying king and the Dragon's Gold

The dying King Azurmelnoch filled the world with war and bloodshed to find powerful mystical artifacts known as a collective as the Dragon's Gold. Legend says it was created by long forgotten Gods only remembered as "The Three" eons ego in a time of warfare between the immortals to change the flow of magic and to give them the ultimate weapon against everyone who stood against them.
They succeed in altering the flow of magic and leaving the  other gods and their followers without greater mystical powers. But the Three mistrusted each other and quickly began fighting  about who should control the Dragon's Gold.  In the end they all perished in the conflict and the Dragon's Gold was lost.

The curse of the Dragon's Gold
This brought forth another part of the legend of the Dragon's Gold: whoever comes in touch with it  would be laid to waste by its powers. While many searched for it and every bard can tell many tales about the mighty heroes of good and evil who have found parts of it, every story ends the same: with the cruel-some demise of the bearer.

A King's Knight
Azurmelnoch did not fear the curse and devoted most of his life to the search of the Dragon's Gold. Now, in his old Age and with Death around the corner, his quest is almost fulfilled. He has found all parts except one and while this makes him the most powerful single being in the world, he is still mortal and feels the weight of his years. While his armies lay waste to the realms of other kings and expanding Azurmelnoch’s realm further around the globe,  he send out Lord Thyres, his most trusted Knight, to find the last missing piece: The Crown of Immortality.

A buried Kingdom
His many quests (3 years of actual game time and over a dozen played adventures hunting the Deathknight) to find the Crown of Immortality finally brought Lord Thyres to the desert lands of Kersh, where the Crown stayed hidden for almost 1000 years when its last bearer, Pharaoh Ram-Sel-Amur was laid to rest with the crown after losing his whole kingdom to invaders. Thyres ventured deep with his men into Arkassas, a buried kingdom where the Pharaos of the old empire were reborn as Immortals and praised as Gods but where unable to rise to the surface to reclaim their long lost lands. At the same time the last Pharaoh was awakened by an ancient ritual and began his own ascension into mortality as the god Apophis. But his mind had gone dark and his soul was filled with rage. Even while he has not completed his ascension and is still unable to leave his throne room, he orderer his armies to conquer all the other temples of Arkasses and to destroy all the other sarcophagi of the other Immortals with the goal to be the sole God to return into the world of the living. The other Immortals, unprepared and shocked by the attacks surrendered or fled into hiding, leaving no one to stand against Apophis and his legions.

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