March 17, 2011

Stories from the past: The Twilight Age

I started a D&D fantasy setting called "Chronicles of Twilight" back in '05. It was a game with a strong focus on role-playing but also with a secondary focus on miniature combat. We played 2 times every month until the end of '09, 4 years of great gaming. Then, even though we still tried to play on a regular basis, we did not come together again until March '11 to continue the adventure. Life can be that way.

What makes this interesting for the Dark Prophet Chronicles is that the Chronicles of Twilight are the prelude to that setting. The world is the same, just a little bit more than 800 years before events in the Dark Prophet Setting, when the Old Gods were still worshiped and Kingdoms and Churches fought with each other about absolutely everything. It was the time of man, where humans ruled over almost every part of Terra and the lands were divided in great Kingdoms constantly at war with each other while also facing power struggles from within.

It was at that time in history when a vortex of events was set in motion. While a dying king filled the world with war, an ancient demon was released from his prisons and the mightiest undead being of all time, the Lich-King, was created. The flow of magic was changed drastically, shattering faith and kingdoms alike in a way that led to the downfall of all great empires and resulted in the demise of the society of man in a way that humanity will not have yet recovered from when the Dark Prophet Desmodar comes into the world to bring an everlasting darkness.

But while the Twilight Age tells a story of a great upheaval, it also tells the story of heroism, of truth seeking and of overcoming false believes. It was the time when the actions of a handful of mortals brought hope into the world and changed the outcome of events in a way that no one would have ever imagined.  (Let’s say we hope it will go this way, since we are not at that part of the storyline yet)

I will summarize the whole adventure in the next couple of month and post images of the group’s ongoing events. And since this is a different gaming group with a completely different storyline I will keep things clearly arranged in this blog by always posting this part of the Dark Prophet Chronicles with the title “Stories from the past: The Twilight Age.”

The story continues in Background Story Part II: A knight, a murder and a demon

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