March 17, 2011

Background Story Part II: A knight, a murder and a demon

The story centers on a group of people send out by the city  Rabenwall (Ravenwall) with the mission to bring a criminal to justice: A foreign knight named Lord Thyres was accused of being involved in the theft of a mystical gem which held a powerful demon imprisoned inside. The demon was just spellbound into the gem a few days ago by the city’s most powerful wizards and clerics and people within the coterie of the knight were proven to be involved in the theft, but could not be found by the authorities. The Knight however, was discovered late in the evening, wearing cloaks that were dirty and threadbare, trying to sneak out of the western gate of the city.

He was overpowered and thrown in jail but in the same night was able to escape with the help of his companions, a shape changer and a powerful necromancer. While on the run he encountered the young son of the Lord of the city, who was consecrated as a knight of the Kingdom just a couple of weeks ago. He killed the young noble and fled.
While the party is pursuing the criminal half way around the globe it comes to their attention that the knight is more than mere criminal:He’s on a holy mission for his king to find the last piece of a group of mystical artifacts: The Dragon’s Gold.

The story continues in Background Story Part III: A dying king and the Dragon's Gold

Background Story Part I: The Twilight Age

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