April 28, 2011

Casting Time: Hirst Arts Sci-Fi Molds

It’s time for the future!

My plans for taking the DPC to the Dark Future are making progress. To accommodate my desire for creating cool game setups I am in need of some Sci-Fi terrain that resembles a grim Blade Runner style.
Not really the style I was going for
Sadly (oh so sadly!) Dwarven Forge cannot deliver that, for they have chosen a more “Buck Rogers” kind of approach on the Sci-Fi genre. For that purpose it looks as great as always, but for my grim and dark vision of the future of Terra there has to be an alternative to that.

Inspired by the cool setups I've seen over here at Plastic Legions  I have decided to go with Hirst Arts Molds. Since I already have no free time it seemed like the logical solution. Wait…

Oh well, free time is overrated. 

That's more like it!
The first two molds have arrived, together with 5 kilos of Excalibur dental plaster.
Over the last few days I used up all the plaster and created a lot of small components which are ready to be processed further.
The process of casting the plaster is really magical, I’ve posted the videos from the Hirst Arts Website for those who would like to know more about it. What the videos don’t show is the chanting process, which is an inherent part of casting the molds and solely consist of the words “F*cking Air Bubbles!” repeated loudly when desired…

 My materials for the casting process. I actually switched to a different pounding board after a few casts, which works even better now ( = fewer needs of chanting)

So far...

 ...so good.

I've stored the finished pieces in 12 small refrigerator boxes

And now, for those who want to know all the secrets, the beauty of plaster mold casting:

I plan to have a fair amount of finished and ready for gaming pieces at the end of the year and I will keep you posted on my progress to archive that goal. :)


John@Plastic Legions said...

Hey There
Glad I could be of Inspiration
if you need any Hirst advice/ build tips feel free to email..looks like you are off to a good start!..
added your blog to my hobby roll

Kronos said...

Hello John!
Thank you! I will definitely do that. :)
BTW: Your blog is awesome!