April 16, 2011

The Future Looks Dark And Grim


I'm a big fan of the dark future Cyberpunk genre, so it's just a matter of time for the Dark Prophet Chronicles to get a setting in that genre. To slowly bulk up on scenery, miniatures and accessories for the time when magic, shields and swords are replaced by psy, guns and cybernetics I decided to start buying some nice Sci-Fi equipment from Antenocitis Workshop.

100 bucks worth of stuff should look like more, shouldn't it?
Some of these things will be a pain to assemble. I allready noticed some broken parts, a missing base and in one case a small difference between the image and the actual miniature scenery. But all in all it will probably look quite cool when it's assembled and painted:

A Medical Scanner
The future definitely needs some Plasma TVs

A Mapper

A cool workplace

Since mobile phones aren't really new anymore, these things look kind of silly in a dark and grim future setting. But I really like them anyway. :)

The fueling stations of the future. Yeah, at first I though these were some kind of weapons too. But no, the stuff coming out of these things will make your car go VRRROOOOOM instead of BOOOOM.

speaking of cars...
I love this bike!
Since I'm playing D&D for many years now, I'm really looking forward for some nice Sci-Fi Tabletop action. BTW: In every single box there's a description saying "Warning! This is not a toy!". Yeah right. Definitely not. Miniatures and stuff are serious business. Word. :)

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