May 14, 2011

Miniature Spotlight: Painting them Ghouls (Part II)

It took me a while but I finally finished my ghouls. I was already almost done with them 3 weeks ago but I didn’t find the time to do the final touches until now. In relation to the actual painting time this was a really fast and somewhat rushed paint job. I really wish I could spend more time on painting and gaming. But since my money job and my art job give me a nice and easy a hell of a 50 to 55 hour work week there's not much I can do about that.
But thankfully "not much" does not mean "nothing". :)
I spoke to 2 very talented miniature painters who will from now on paint miniatures for me when I don’t find the time. They are already working on a few minis for me, and I will tell you more about them and show you the results of their work when the minis arrive at my gaming table.

For now, here is my new ghoul army:

Heavily ghoul infested ruins, just what every adventuring hero ordered

The ghoul in the middle is fat, nude and fights with a bloody shovel. Yikes!


Lunch time!

The Reaper and Heresy ghouls really look cool together

A fine cleaver is important for bite-sized portions

She's eating a f*cking baby! As if a nude and really, really ugly female ghoul was not enough, she is gnawing on a f*cking baby!

Naturally: Even ghoul children are curious what it sounds like when you pick an eye out of a beheaded skull. Wait, what???

On second thought maybe I should give the weapon a fine coat of blood. (Thoughts like this worry me sometimes. This can be a strange hobby ;)  ).

He looks hungry

I really like the storming pose.

Ghouls everywhere

At least one has a heart... his hand.

Maybe he just wants to give you a friendly High Five?
Now I'm thinking about repainting some of my old ghoul minis to match the paint scheme. Decisions, decisions. :)

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Lukrezia said...

These ghouls look really... disgusting. Yikes! Great paint job, as always!