May 19, 2011

The Happy Spender: Weapon Lockers, Bases and Dark Eldar Incubi

New Sci-Fi stuff has arrived: The  Dark Eldar Incubi. I really like the Incubi, not only because they look wicked sick but because I can use these models in my Sci-Fi as well as in my fantasy campaign.

Which tool of war should it be today:

I also bought a set of 20 Sci-Fi bases because I really like the look:


The Incubi as well as the biker chicks and the the Blood Widow are in the process of being painted right now, so there will be a new Miniature Spotlight post in the near future. :)
And this Sunday my group will play the next part of the current adventure of the Dark Prophet Chronicles, so a new Battle Report will be posted next week.

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