June 4, 2011

The Happy Spender: Vampires, Victims and Battlefield Scenery

I always take my time and choose carefully when I buy a specific miniature for a main antagonist. I usually don't use that specific miniature for another NPC so it retains its special status and gets the right amount of fear and awe (and the occasional Oh no, not him /her /it again! outcry).
One of these special miniatures is the new Vampire Warrior from Reaper Miniatures:

Lord Karsakas
I have bought this freaking cool miniature for the antagonist character Lord Karsakas. I really like the sculpt by Chaz Elliott. Lord Karsakas is the first main antagonist that actually needs many miniatures to represent himself, since he's capable of transforming into various beasts. One of these beasts is a large Man-Bat. Warhammers Vampire Counts Varghulf is exactly what I need for that:

I like the look of the new Citadel Finecast since it really seems to have sharper details but since there also seem to be some molding problems (at least at the moment) so I decided to buy one of the last metal versions of this creature. 

And since I absolutely love scenery accessories I bought some nifty ones from The Army Painter:

The body parts look so gruesome cool I needed to have 2 sets of them. There cannot be enough severed limbs on the field, right? ;)

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