July 10, 2011

Miniature Spotlight: Bloody Rats!

A while ago I started painting my Island of Blood Skaven army. While my standard-bearer, my musician as well as my warpfire thrower and poisoned wind mortar are still on my painting schedule the rest of my army is ready to fight:

Skaven Clanrats

Skaven Warlord

Rat Ogre 1a

Rat Ogre 1b

Rat Ogre 2a

Rat Ogre 2b
Skaven Master Moulder

Warlock Engineer
I'm thinking about rebasing them on beveled bases sometime in the future to give them a Blasted Wetlands theme. But I'm putting that on my 2012-2013 project plan, so this is going to take a while.

1 comment:

Lukrezia said...

Damn cool paint job :)
I'm looking forward to fighting the rat ogre :)