July 11, 2011

Miniature Spotlight: Demons WIP 1

My desk after several hours of gluing my fingers stuff together.
Now that's a sword!

Oh happy day! A couple of years back I accidentally broke the sword of Astaroth the Annihilator, a freakin' cool demon figure from Andrea Miniatures. Astaroth waited patiently on his shelf for many years to get a new one. Today was that day. I LOVE the new look on him, way better then the old sword (it was clearly fate that lead to this conversion).

The dwarves dug too deep!

I also had the fortune to finally find some cool accessories for my third Balrog which also waited several years before being put together. I'm already quite pleased with the new base that comes with the miniature but I'm thinking about adding a few skulls to it in addition to the broken chaos star since my new Demon army has a skull-base theme.

I want my skull themed base!

As I've meantined before I really like the new Deamon Prince from Games Workshop. I will definitely buy at least another two or three to use all the different options and possibilities to put them together. For this one I used the 40K Demon head (from which I removed every futuristic aspect), the wings, the loincloth and the 'above the head' sword pose.The plain base is just used temporarily until my order from Secret Weapon Miniatures arrives.

I'm not totally in love with the look of the Bloodletters of Khorne because I don't really like their cony heads but aside from that these are some pretty decent models and I can't wait to paint them. The plain bases are also just used temporarily until the beveled bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures arrive.

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