July 2, 2011

Paint Projects: 2011 - 2012

I really miss my miniature painting time. Presumable around August my workload will be a little bit less horrible (an easy living 45-50 hour work week could be possible) and I’m already organizing and scheduling my leisure time to get some paint done myself.
I divided my goals into several projects to get a better overview on what I want to build/paint/cast in the next 18 Month. It's not a complete list but more a general overview on what I definetly want to see done in the coming months:

The Demon Project:
Moar Deamonz!
I have several cool individual Demons but I feel the need for a colour themed army. I think I will go with the classics and have a nice demonic red as the main theme for my demons.

It has been three years.
Why aren't you painted already?

The Undead Project
Although I’m pretty happy with my already painted undead collection there are several minis still waiting to be finished and some aren’t even fully assembled yet (the Vampire Counts Grave Guards shoulderplates are just a pain…). And I’m thinking about repainting and rebasing some of the older miniatures to match the current painting theme.

The Skaven Project:
There are still a few minis from my Island of Blood Skaven army in need of some paint. Also having more skaven clanrats wouldn’t hurt.

The Fantasy Town Project:
For the next chapter of The Dark Prophet Chronicles I really want to have several buildings on my gaming table. For this I have my eyes on some very cool stuff from Ziterdes

This looks so awesome!
The Sci-Fi Project
Since I first saw the impressive Hirst Arts Sci-Fi setup over here a Plastic Legions I knew I needed something like this on my gaming table.
While the first step is done there is still a long way to go. This project will most likely exceed the 2012 timeline. I’m planning on buying and casting way more Hirst Arts stuff and not only from the Sci-Fi line.

The Outsourced Projects
I will continue to outsource some paint projects like I did with my Death Korps of Krieg army. A Dark Eldar army is on their way and I’m also thinking of outsourcing some Reaper Sci-Fi Miniatures and most likely all of the awesome Infinity line to different painters. I actually would really love to paint all that myself. If I would just have the time…

Anyway, the next 18 Month are looking good, there's a lot of stuff to do and I'm absolutely looking forward to it. :)

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