August 24, 2011

Miniature Spotlight: El Días de los Muertos

Days of the Dead indeed. I used up a few vacation days for an extra long weekend. There was a lot of stuff to do but I could squeeze in a little bit of time to work on my undead project. A large group of undead troops were patiently waiting in their coffins boxes for their summoning assembly:

Rise my warriors!

Tomb Banshee and Cairn Wraiths
Ghosts (former Empire Flagellant Warband )
Grave Guard
Terrorgheist WIP

I'm quite happy with my progress even though one unit of Skeleton Warriors still waits in its box to be put together and the Terrorgheist is no where near finished. There's still so much green-stuff work to do on this one. (BTW: Thank you I hate you GW for this easy painfully to assemble kit). But the rest is assembled, degreased, cleaned and ready for some paint. :)

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