August 26, 2011

More Than A Thousand Words: Game Night

I was recently asked what a game night usually looks like in my house. It looks kinda like this:

When my players enter the game room and see a big setup they're like

Then I put the monsters in and they're like

and they think their best solution is

And I'm like

Then the encounter starts

Usually several of their characters almost die and the whole time they're like

and I'm like

Then one of them has a questionable great idea but it's not covered by the rules so they need a decision from me and suddenly they're all like

when I accept it they're like

but when I don't they're all like

Then someone rolls a natural 20 and kills my best monster and the player is like

and I'm like

and the rest is like 

so I'm like

and they're like

Then we take a break and eat something

While we're on a break there's always someone who tries to talk me into giving him/her a special feat, talent or allow some special rule. Suddenly all players are in favor of this and try to talk me into it while they're thinking they're like this

but to me they look like this

Then I decline and they're all like

and I'm like

Then we're back into the game and the fighting continues

At some point they are getting ready for the final boss of the evening. This is usually the point where someone says "should we try diplomacy first?" And everyone is like

Then the final boss appears

and everyone is like

Then they discuss tactics and talk and talk and talk

Then they agree on a plan and they're like

but it goes horrible wrong so they're like

then someone does something extremely dangerous and succeeds against all odds

and this leads to the group killing the boss and everyone is like

and I nod approvingly like

 Then we call it a day and they celebrate


Then they go home like

On their way out I ask them how they liked the game today and they're like

then we say our goodbyes and the second the door is closed I'm like

This sums it up pretty perfectly.;)


Marco said...

Hell yeah, its pretty like this! :)

I always enjoy the seductive parts during eating :P

Lucretia said...

Yeah, that really sums it up nicely. :D Awesome! ROFL!