October 28, 2011

Casting Time: Hirst Arts Sci-Fi Molds Part II

Working on several projects at the same time is really fun because it's varied and I can switch between the projects when I get temporarily jaded with one or don't have the time to work on something very time consuming. One of the projects of the latter category is creating my very own modular Sci-Fi terrain with Hirst Arts molds. But next Tuesday starts my vacation time and I'm looking at 14 days of relaxing and taking a break from my everyday life. I will use this time to work on several projects and the Sci-Fi project will be on the top of the list. I already ordered 4 new molds from Hirst Arts UK last Friday:

 Cargo Bay Accessory Mold (#302) Med Lab Accessory Mold (#303)

 Laboratory Floor Mold (#271) Pipeline Floor Mold (#273)

For reasons unknown HA UK decided to send all 4 mold in separate mailings which really is a mystery for me. The first one arrived today. With a little bit of luck the remaining molds will be in the mail tomorrow (according to the order status from HA UK the 4 mailings were send out at the same time. Why the heck did'nt they arive together? Mysteries over mysteries).
Anyway, I decided to work on this project early so I started today. The last time (and first time) when I used Hirst Arts molds I had 10 pounds of Excalibur dental plaster at my disposal. Now I have 30. 30 freaking pounds.

Oh Yeah. A bucket full of plaster.
Lets see what we can get done with all that plaster. I also used the molds I had already used before (Starship Wall Mold [#301] and Starship Deck Mold [#270]) together with the first of my new molds, the Pipeline Floor Mold (#273). And that's what I got done today:

I seriously hope my remaining molds get delivered tomorrow. I would like to empty that bucket this weekend. :)

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