October 26, 2011

Girl Talk: The Female Perspective on Miniature Wargaming

A few days ago I mentioned that one of my players discovered the collecting and painting side of the miniature wargaming hobby for herself. She recently asked me if I would post a few blog entries about her progress on painting and stuff. But since I'm always behind my own posting schedule and usually in a chronic shortage of time I decided to give her her own corner on my blog so that she can write her own blog entries. That said I give the floor word to Gamergrrrl:

Gamergrrrl’s Corner or How it began: Ogrrrs!!!
From now on there’ll be a little space for the female perspective on miniature wargaming on the Dark Prophet Chronicles blog. Thanks to Kronos! :)
As one of Kronos’ longtime players (“Lucrezia von der Rhein” for followers of the Battle Reports) I’ve always shared his love for gaming, especially pen & paper roleplaying games and I also enjoy the “skirmish part” of tabletop gaming.
But my enthusiasm for miniature painting began just a few weeks ago. It was kind of a sudden thing. Actually I tried to paint a mini for the first time about 9 or 10 years ago, the same time Kronos started. At that time I didn’t really enjoy it, though – on the contrary, I really hated it (and didn’t even finish the first miniature), with all this tiny little stuff and patience really not being one of my most outstanding virtues… 
Ogre Kingdoms Ironguts
But apparently I’ve changed for the better over the last decade, at least regarding the patience thing. When I went to a Games Workshop store a few weeks ago (to pick up a nifty little birthday present for Kronos) I rediscovered my interest for painting. 
I can’t really explain why. I guess it was more one of these emotional gut decisions (now don’t give me that Venus/Mars crap, please) but suddenly I longed to paint miniatures. And (as Kronos reported earlier) I immediately fell in love with a Warhammer army. No elves, fairies or cute golden unicorns here, guys. Hate to disappoint you but I loooove my big bad Ogrrr boys (and girl – GW even got ONE (yeah, 1, as in less than 2) ogrette (with a fake beard, my gosh) - the sexist bastards). And I won’t give them pink glitter Hello Kitty outfits, either.
Up to now I’ve got myself those guys shown above and these gruesome combatants:

Ogre Kingdoms Leadbelchers
Ogre Kingdoms Tyrant

Bragg the Gutsman

More to come in the near future when I’ve successfully painted at least a part of my army. At the moment I’m still busy with paint job no. 1 (the Tyrant) and assembling of the first Ogre unit. Guess that will take a while… But good news is: now I really enjoy it. Painting those tiny things is almost like meditation. Except when I’m frustrated because I’ve ruined a part. Than it’s more like an advanced anger management seminar. ;)

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