October 21, 2011

On the Worktable: The Assembly of many Things

I have assembled and cleaned a few miniatures in the last few days:
The Jokers really look awesome on these new bases
My new Death Korps Commissar
There can't be a Cyberpunk Setting without some hookers...
...or without some maids. Stuff needs to be cleaned and it cannot all be done by robots, right?
This guy is Mad to the Max ;)

Building and assembling stuff with Girlz
The player of Lukretzia came by again and we continued to work on our projects. She assembled a few more Ogres while I was building new terrain pieces (pictures of the terrain will follow in a few days).
I especially like the guy on the right. Because wielding just one freaking big club would be silly, wouldn't it? :)

Tomorrow we will visit the SPIEL Fair in Essen, Germany. It will be the first time in years that we can visit the SPIEL without having our own booth there. That's going to be pretty relaxing&fun and we are really looking foreward to it.

With some kind of supernatural clairvoyance I predict that the day tomorrow will hurt my wallet. I also predict that when I wake up on Sunday and go into the living room to see all my new stuff this will be my  reaction:

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