October 24, 2011

The Happy Spender: SPIEL 2011

The SPIEL Fair in Essen was great! I've met a lot of old friends, some of them I hadn't seen in years. I ate way to much junk food and brought home a lot of new goodies:

The miniatures on the left are the complete Jokers fraction from Taban-Miniatures (except the miniatures from starter box since I already got those):

The three walls with holo signs are from Micro Art Studio who traveled all the way from Poland to attend the SPIEL fair. I had a cool chat with these guys and got a sneak peek on coming products (they are developing a few absolutely awesome Steampunk buildings and accessories, really cool!) and bought the walls + holo signs and two catwalks from them. I actually bought 4 of their District-5 Apartment 1 buildings early this month as well as a Concrete Wall Set together with the Concrete Wall Gate:

As you can see I already assembled 2 buildings. They look really neat and I'm looking forward to paint them. Over the years I assembled a respectable dice collection and don't really feel the need for more dice in my life. But when I saw these bad boys I could not resist:

Steampunk dice from Q-Workshop! Absolutely beautiful! Right next to them is a limited edition miniature from Werner Klocke (the head of Freebooter Miniatures). Only 1000 of these beautiful dancing ladies were made and I got the second to last:

 Number 999 of 1000! That was close. ;)

To conclude with the beginning: The SPIEL was really great. My wallet was seriously hurt but when I woke up on Sunday and saw all the new goodies on my dining room table my reaction was like I expected earlier:

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