January 20, 2012

The Happy Spender: For the Empire!

My computer crashed so there was a short hickup in the updates about was is going on at my gaming table. It will take a few more days to get back to normal but my new computer is on its way and I can bridge the time with my notebook (even though it's as slow as a zombie with one leg).
Anyway, I have quite a few updates prepared for the next days. I finally found the time to paint a few miniatures (one waited somewhat around 5 years for that to happen.). And I'm allready preparing the next chapter of the Dark Prophet Chronicles. And for that I need a whole lot of new minis.
(I will always say something like that to justify "the addiction" by the way. There's always the need for more miniatures. ;) )

I need more Soldiers of the Empire, to be precise:

The Manann's Blades

The Ironsides Handgunner Regiment

The Greatswords Regiment

The State Troops

The State Handgunners

The Militia

The minis are on their way to me and will be based on the Temple bases I recently purchased from Dargon Forge. I think it will be quite fun to assemble and paint these guys. :)

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