March 27, 2012

Battle Report: The Inner Courtyard

The Templars battled their way through the castle towards the inner courtyard where they met one of the children of Lord Karsakas, the elder vampire Vladeus. The vampire was not convinced that there was any truth about the rumors that the Templars were angels who took human form and were send out by a living god. Instead he believed them to be mere mortals send out by an impostor who fooled Lord Karsakas into believing that the feeble human empire would be a useful tool for his desire to free the Lich King and restore the old order.
To his great surprise the Templars did not only remain victorious against everyone and everything he send against them but did show healing powers unknown to him, a creature that has lived almost a thousand years.

The Templars watched Vladeus disappear into mist after they had defeated all of his troops. After praying to Sigmar they ventured deeper into the castle with every footstep bringing them closer to Lord Karsakas himself.

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