May 13, 2012

On the Worktable: Empire Free Company WIP II

I've almost finished painting up the first eight men of the Empire Free Company. I was trying different color schemes for the bases and at first I didn't like any of them enough to use them for the whole army. But then I decided to give my new Vallejo Pigments a try. Since I never worked with them before it took me all day to test various effects. I must say I really like them. They add a very nice and subtle weathering effect to the bases that really helped to make the rather dull grey color way more interesting.

Almost done painting these up
I decided to go for a classic grey color scheme for the bases
Soon these will be part of a big army

I'm not sure if I will keep black as the color for the side of the bases because I think the sides also look quite well in stone color. I will make a final decision when I've painted up more miniatures. :)

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