June 18, 2012

The Happy Spender: Chaos Dwarfs, Bases and Paints

I bought myself another army: The Chaos Dwarfs from Forge World:

Infernal Command
Infernal Guard

 I really like the design of the Chaos Dwarfs and I think they will look awesome on the gaming table.

Right now I'm in the process of deciding which bases would be right for the army:

On the left we have the Fire and Brimstone bases from Forgecraft Games. On the right we have the Basic Ruins from Dragonforge. I'm still very torn which one I will use. I think I will paint a few of each and make the final decision when the miniatures are painted as well.

And I bought a set of Slate Ruins (the left ones) from Forgecraft Games for my Empire Army which seem to be a perfect addition to my Temple bases (the right ones) from Dragonforge (and are also way cheaper):

I also bought a few new paints from The Army Painter because I wanted to try their metallic range as well as their washes and their anti shine matt varnish. And while I was adding stuff to my basket I also bought a few regular paints:

I heard good things about their metallics and since I'm experimenting a lot with new washes (thank you GW for making that necessary. Thank you so much.) this seemed to be the perfect time to test them as well. :)

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