June 27, 2012

The Happy Spender: Really Useful Boxes

If you are an avid collector of Dwarven Forge sets like me and don't own a mansion (because you prefer to spend your money on lots of Dwarven Forge stuff instead) then you will very likely come to a point where you simple don't know where to store all that cool stuff anymore.
Dwarven Forge actually makes it easy to store their products because they pack it in Styrofoam boxes which are custom fit for every single piece. But when I started my collection 10 years ago I did build a lot of my dungeons during the game sessions and getting every single piece out of the original boxes every time you needed it wasn't the fastest way to build a dungeon. So I discarded all of the original boxes and used different forms of storage options. I never found one that really worked 100% for me though.
As my collection was getting bigger and bigger I realized that it was a very bad idea to ditch the original packages because while it was easy to find another easy-to-access storing option for 5 or 10 sets it becomes a real pain for 30+ sets. So I started again to keep the original boxes sometime in '08 or '09. And while that was a good decision storage wise for the sets I've bought in the last years it didn't help me with my 30+ sets I purchased before that.
Then I remembered a post in the Dwarven Forge forum from earlier this year about the different options for storing the sets. A prominent solution where the 20l storage boxes from a company justifiably named Really Useful Products. And while they are quite pricy I bought one just to try it. I really liked what I saw and now I own 8 of these boxes:

One of these can hold two to four Dwarven Forge sets and is really great for storing as well as making each piece easily reachable for immediate use. I really like them and this is the best storing solution I used so far. I have something around 30 sets stored in 8 boxes. I may even buy additional ones to keep the rest of my collection in these boxes since I really like the fast-to-use part of this storing option. But even if I do this I will keep the original Styrofoam boxes this time. Just to be safe. ;)

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