August 23, 2012

Casting Time: Hirst Arts Gothic Molds

Oh yeah! It's that time of the year again! ;)
Sometimes I get the feeling that I may be working on way to many projects at the same time. But when there is so much great stuff out there and my imagination runs wild I simply can't help myself. And now that my first fantasy buildings take shape it's time to kick-start my Fantasy Town Project. Except that is has grown in to a Modular Fantasy City Project. Of course it has. ;)

To get started I bought 5 new Hirst Arts Molds from Hirst Arts UK:

These are the Gothic Additional Accessories Mold (#44), Basic Block Mold (#40, I bought this one twice), Gothic Floor Tiles Mold (#201) and the Gothic Dungeon Builder Mold (#45). And I also bought a food dehydrator from Severin:

Normally it takes ages for the blocks to dry. But with this nifty little helper it just takes two hours. Perfect! :)
Last but not least I bought 20 pounds of Excalibur dental plaster which should keep my busy for a while.

Yay! A bucket full of plaster! :D

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