August 22, 2012

The Happy Spender: The Reaper Kickstarter - Update

Oh yeah! At the time I joined Reapers Kickstarter Campaign last Sunday my pledge of 205$ got me 164 miniatures. Now, not even 36 hours later, I already get 25 (twenty five!) additional miniatures for my pledge without any additional costs:

Of course I could not resist and also bought additional miniatures (again) from the optional section like these buddies:

And this friendly fellow:

And some other stuff as well. With all the options my pledge is now at 260$. This gets me a total of 215 miniatures at this point.:)
That's 1,21$ (0,97€) per miniature. And with 4 days left to go I think we will reach at least two additional stretch goals (if not way more). So there will definitely be more miniatures, everything between 10 and 30 is possible. Exciting! :)

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