August 26, 2012

The Happy Spender: The Reaper Kickstarter - Final Report

So awesome!

Man, that was awesome. Reapers Kickstarter just ended and I'm really happy about the result. It was the third highest grossing Kickstarter campaign ever, earning Reaper 3.42 million dollars. On the last day the Kickstarter servers went down a couple of times, traffic was just to high.

The final amount of my pledge was 273$. This gets me 272 miniatures. Two hundert seventy two miniatures. It gets me all of this:


My 273$ pledge means that I pay an average of 1$ per miniature. That inludes the over 8 inches tall C'thulhu! :D
Including custom duties this will cost me 261,71€ which brings me to an average of 0,96€ per miniature. YAY!

Gamergrrrl also couldn't resist this deal and got herself a vampire pledge and a few optional miniatures. Now all we have to do is wait for the shipment of the miniatures which will be in March '13. I'm guessing we will have them in our hands at the end of March or early April. All we have to do is wait and that is going to be a piece of cake. I think.


eriochrome said...

They said March 2013 but I am not sure if that will hold up when they have promised like 4M minis going out to people. Got a Vampire myself and some extra cash pledge for some of the bigger ones. Need some serious foes for your heroes right.

Kronos said...

Yes, I'm having a little bit trouble trouble believing in March 2013 myself. I think it's quite possible that it will be April or May. But we will see when the time comes. Even when it takes one or two month longer, this was a great deal. :)
And one can never have enough foes for the heroes! :)