September 5, 2012

On the Gaming Table: Dwarvern Forge Den of Evil Expansion Set

I got my Den of Evil Expansion Set  today and like I said yesterday I made a quick setup with my other DoE sets and a few Dark Eldar and Death Korps troops to get a feeling what is possible to build with this expansion. While I like the design of the product there are a few paint differences between the pieces and the accuracy of fit is not optimal. And some parts have slight height differences which makes it more difficult to place miniatures or to build another level upon them.
All in all not that bad of a problem but I'm used to a great quality whenever I buy a set from Dwarven Forge and this is not quite as good as usual. So I wanted to see how it looks in a normal setup:

Color differences are nothing new between the sets (even though this should not be happening) so the slightly different colors in the new set don't really stand out.

The color changes between the tiles are noticeable but not so bad. And I closed the hugest gap with one of the tentacle walls which actually fits nicely.

To sum it up: Cool! :) I could have been even more amazed with this new set without the little gaps and color changes and so forth. But in the end I'm very pleased with what can be done with it. :)

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