October 10, 2012

Battle Report: The Attack on the Inn

While traveling on the road to the Thalvan mountains the Templars stayed in an inn in the small town of Dreihausen. The town has become a favored place for travelers because the living Saint Aurelia visited it during the war against the Scourge. During her brief stay in Dreihausen the living Saint blessed the local spring and it's told that from that day on the water from the spring had healing powers. A statue was build to honor the living saint and once a year the villagers held a fair in the honor of Aurelia. The villagers were preparing for said fair when a small force of soldiers of the Red Prince led by a demonic Beastmaster attacked the town.

The Templars defended the villagers bravely but were not able to rescue everyone from the claws and swords of the enemy. It seemed the town of Dreihausen was not the first victim of these group of combatants because the slain enemy soldiers had several items in their possession that showed the emblem of the once proud mining city Kraehenhort.
The templars decided to split from the imperial army a few days behind them and to follow the path of the slain forces of chaos back to the city of Kraehenhort in the northern parts of the Thalvan mountains to see if they could find a sign of the temple the Anointed one spoke of.

As they continued on their way they discussed the sighting of a huge monstrous beast near the city of Brehm in the south. It seemed like with every day that passed the forces of chaos grew more bold and didn't seem to care about secrecy anymore.

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