October 3, 2012

The Happy Spender: Banelords Kraan and Maagaan

Let's bring in the heavy hitters. As this chronicle is progressing towards it's epic mid-level part it brings the characters to their end at the blades and claws of their enemies to their biggest challenge yet: The four champions of Chaos and their armies (and eventually the Son of Ba'al himself).
I've already chosen all four miniatures which will represent these champions and the first one will be from Mierce Miniatures: Banelord Maagaan, the Warlock of Baalor.

This excellent miniature will be is perfect for a Champion of Chaos.

I also have selected the miniature for the High General of the Army of the baneful Flesh, the Warlord Krom: Banelord Kraan, the Tain of Baalor, also from Mierce Miniatures.

I love the fact that this miniature comes in two versions: A awesome and stylish dire bear riding version and a huge double-axe wielding force of destruction version:

I think this should be the standard for all miniatures. :D

I also already have the miniatures for the Demon Prince Belakor, the leader of the Burning Legion and the Shadowlord Fa'zhoul, the leader of the Scourge. But more about that in another post. :)

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