October 20, 2012

The Happy Spender: SPIEL 2012

Gamergrrrl and I just got back from the Spiel '12 and it was great to walk these awesome halls of gaming again. :) We've met fellow gamers, some of whom we hadn't seen in quite a while and talked to a few game developers and miniature designers. It was really fun.:)
I took a lot of pictures of dioramas and miniatures and will post them in a few days. Today I will share my loot with you. :)
I actually didn't go all crazy (although there were lots of possibilities to let the buying-frenzy kick in) because I have my eyes on some Forgeworld stuff that I want to get this month. But this is nonetheless a fine loot for a day at the Spiel:

I bought a lot of the new round Chaos Waste Bases from Micro Art Studio. I really like the design and will most likely use them for my Chaos Dwarfs from Forge World. Even though Warhammer Fantasy uses square bases I prefer round bases. And since I don't play any Warhammer but instead use my minis for D&D round bases always work best for me. I also got a few Ruins Bases even though I think I will make these myself in the future.

Three unexpected treasures were these two packages of Laser Cut ornamental plants in flower pots from Noch which will work perfectly in 28mm-32mm and the Pike & Shotte Surgeon from Warlord Games.

That's what I like most about going to the Spiel. You can see (and buy) so many cool things you might not get otherwise. I, for example, had never seen these particular minis from Warlords games even though I knew the game.
Another cool thing: Right at the beginning when we arrived a beautiful young lady offered us a mead tasting. The mead was from a local brewery right around the corner of Gamergrrrl's home. Free mead? Hell yeah!  After somewhat around 12 shots of mead I was quite ready to get into the ""I must buy EVERYTHING - mode" but thankfully I could stop myself after buying a few terrain accessories from Ziterdes and Thomarillion:

And of course I bought a bottle of mead from this lady. :)

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