November 20, 2012

The Happy Spender: Accessories from Mollys House Miniatures

I was browsing through Cianty's amazing Tabletop blog and stumbled upon a link to the very cool dollhouse shop "Mollys House Miniatures" where I found a bunch of great additions for my accessory collection. Among them these cool etched brass signs:

I think  these signs will look pretty neat on the gaming table. I also bought a wide range of other stuff that I liked:

I also bought a few furniture sets:

Probably not everything from these sets will fit the 28mm-32mm scale (and everything that does needs to be painted properly) but with each set costing only 3.02$ that works fine for me. And it seems that I finally found bathroom furniture for my Modern Time and Sci-Fi setups that will work in 28mm-32mm (at least I hope so):

In other news I bought 50 pounds of excalibur dental plaster for my Rabenwall project. But more on that in the coming days. :)

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