January 10, 2013

Miniature Spotlight: Chaos Dwarfs

Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard
Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guards with Fireglaives
I've (more or less) finished painting my Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guards. I might add some battle damage, rust amd blood here and there in the future. 
Since I don't play Warhammer but instead use these miniatures in my D&D game (where they did a fine job and almost killed my group which lead to a challenging encounter) I decided to go with round bases, Micro Art Studios Chaos Waste bases to be exact.

I really like the style of these bases. And not only seemed a dead desert type of base to be very appropriate for the fallen Dwarves but I really needed some nice looking bases to enhance the look of these rather plain miniatures. But it was not the main troops that got me interested in these little buggers but the cool looking Infernal Command and the Daemonsmith miniatures which I'm looking foreward to paint in the near future:

Infernal Command and Daemonsmith

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