January 1, 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane: My Gaming Hobby Highlights 2012

Happy New Year Everyone! May your dice be merciful and your brushes swift and pointy! :)
I took some time to think about the last 12 month and collected a few thoughts about my highlights as a gamer, collector and painter:
  • Top 2012: After training my airbrush skills for a year on big terrain pieces and big miniatures I finally started in December to paint my first 28mm miniature with an airbrush (and with just little use of the traditional brush):

Father Lucien Sforza WIP

  • Flop 2012: Killing my first airbrush through inexperience on how to handle such a delicate instrument. But I got a new one (again a Renegade Krome like the first one) and I am way more confident about how to handle it and what I can do with it. :)
  • Gaming News of the Year: The Reaper Kickstarter. EPIC.
  • My Masterworks 2012: There are two things I finished painting/building in 2012 that I'm especially proud of. The first would be building my first scenic base:

  •  The second would be thy Terrorgheist from GW. As much as I hated assembling and cleaning this model I really like the look of this awesome beast:

  • My favorite purchase 2012: All the goodies from the Reaper Kickstarter. 272 miniatures for 273$. YES! :D
  • My favorite Dark Prophet Chronicles gaming setup in 2012: The Black Church

  • Resolutions for 2013: to paint more stuff! :) 

Onward to the adventures of 2013! May they be wickedly awesome! :D

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